Our Founder

Mr. Ravishankar Kumar

Ravishankar Kumar is a Mechanical Engineer. He is the Founder of IDYM Foundation. He has over 10 years of working experience with various industries both in India and abroad. He has done many National and international projects in the field of Space Technology, Hydroponics, Robotics, Automobile,Solar energy and has received many international and national awards in recognition for his work, He has received the Bharat Gaurav Award for helping Armed Forces families. With the vision of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, he started IDYM with idea of igniting dreams of young minds foundation. IDYM hasconducted space Exploration Program in all 28/28 State of India + 4 Union Territory as well as in 29 Countries. During this mission IDYM has given 26000+ Students free of cost Training on Satellite and Rocket Technology.

Mr. Ravishankar Kumar

(Founder,IDYM Foundation, India)

“Our special feature is our Unique Team.” – Mr. Ravishankar Kumar

Some answers from our Founder


Tell us more about the IDYM FOUNDATION…

IDYM Foundation conducts Workshops on Satellites, deliver Lectures on Space Functions, with the support of Hub of Professionals, IITians and Educators. Empowers the young minds to unmask and uncover the latent potentials. Enhances the power of imagination and prepares the students to be ready to serve the country for achieving the goal of Self Reliant India. Inculcates the positive attitude and resilience, Ignites the dreams of young minds for a happy and fulfilling life. Igniting Dreams Of Young Minds Foundation is a platform to promote space and satellite education for every young mind; for the entire student community from any School and College around the WORLD. Igniting Dreams Of Young Minds Foundation is currently connecting the space experts with the young minds, and it is on a progressive path to reach out to Pan India as early as possible with the future aim to build the Space School in India.

What makes IDYM special and unique?

Our special feature is our Unique Team. With the everchanging world successful team for a mission needs to be the best, but we are not just the best, we are unique, with our expertise. We are the passionate Science evolvers, IITians, IT experts & Change Makers.

Unique Syllabus

Igniting Dreams Of Young Minds In Space Education Across The WORLD, has the syllabus that no one is pursuing. Our constant endeavours are to make every child achieve the peak in satellite study.

Global Certification

We have a team of experts to provide trainings and conduct workshops for satellite study and many other genres related to Science & Technology, like drone technology and rocket science. Our certification contains high value on Global platform.

Our Core Team

Passionate IDYM Foundation Team, 
with distinguished speakers from various IITs, esteemed scientists from ISRO and other like minded intellectuals,
educated & empower schools & colleges about the fascinating & scientific world of space & satellites 
by conducting training sessions & workshops.
Contact Us
  • New Colony, Chhotki Delha Near Tejash Public School, Gaya Bihar(823001) India.

  • +91-6204560934,
  • +91 7904950056
  • info@ignitingyoungminds.com

IDYM Foundation performs workshops, lectures on space and satellite for schools and College
with distinguished speakers from various IITs, ISRO scientists and many such space experts.

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